Do diet

Do diet

Tread lightly, literally Doers doing this DoAction have pledged to save: 6914 kg CO2

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This one’s simple, obvious, and all-round good, but notoriously tough: cut the calories. It’s all about eating less of those naughty, addictive, indulgent treats: whether your particular vice is chocolate, crisps, cheese or doughnuts.


packs of crisps are eaten in the UK each year [1]

So go on, cut your calories and your carbon.



Eating junk fills your belly but empties your wallet. The cost of those cheeky snacks adds up. Save yourself, save your cash.

Brits spend a total of £3.5bn on chocolate each year [2]


This is pretty obvious….

Cheese, chocolate, crisps, pastries and fizzy drinks – they may be good for the taste buds, but they’re not too good for the rest of your body. They’re full of bad fats and calories that will pile on around your waist.

But it’s not just about putting on a few pounds - they also increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and strokes, amongst other nasty diseases.


Everything has a carbon footprint, so excess of any kind leads to unnecessary carbon emissions. Cheese is a particularly guilty one because of all those methane-belching cows – 12 kgCO2e are released in the production of 1 kg hard cheese.


tCO2 is the annual footprint of the UK’s crisp eating addiction


This couldn’t be more straightforward: pick your particular vice, and then cut it out!

But remember, this DoAction is about cutting something out, not swapping it. The key is not to substitute your treats with more treats… 

Want to do this action? Head over to our list of Doers to find someone to pledge for.

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